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Tour in Nepal

Day tours in Nepal will take you to some of the most popular destinations offering you the grandeur of the stunning Himalayas. In addition, Kathmandu day tour will lead you to some of the historical monuments and heritage sites within the valley.

Short hikes to beautiful green forests, brilliant walks in the outskirts of the valley or extreme sports adventures like river rafting, bungee jumping, or mountain flights to view Everest, will make your day trip in Nepal a wonderful experience. Sunset in the Himalayas, or relaxation at lakeside in Pokhara, or entering the fairy-tale like destinations of Chitwan for an exciting wildlife experience, or even mountain biking around the rugged tracks in the mountainous terrain will leave an everlasting memory for you to reminisce back home.

Explore with us and enjoy your short Nepal stay in style, encountering rich culture, hidden temples, colorful bazaars, and other veiled treasures of the city. This tour is designed especially for travelers who wish to see and explore the culture and history of Nepal.

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