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Kathmandu One Day Tour

Kathmandu, the city of temples, as well as the capital of Nepal, where the dusty road is its part, will give you a big surprise of your life, and it has more, such as the features of the most developed city of Nepal, as well as alleys, narrow lanes, and road pit holes, including unseen events, which you have not seen in your country, last but not the least, the breaking of the traffic rules by the people, which might become a thing of interest to you, and which you probably want to capture in your camera, above all, this biggest city of Nepal has its own story – the present story, the past story, and the unheard story. Some of the stories that you hear mingle gods and goddess with human-beings. To the tourists, Kathmandu is wild because people are crossing the streets from everywhere, but what you see in Kathmandu is pretty entertaining.

Kathmandu itself is one of the prominent valleys of Asia, which has impressive temples, including busy trading areas and of course, palaces, courtyards, and ponds. Most of the time, Kathmandu has perfect weather, and its area called Thamel has unique atmosphere for the tourists in terms of restaurants, bar, hotel, and food.  As a tourist, you will always be satisfied with the heritages of Kathmandu, and all these heritages are UNESCO WORLD HERITAGES.

According to the geographers and myth, Kathmandu was a lake, but what the myth says is there were lotuses floating in this lake, and Bodhisattva Manjushree saw a flame coming out of lotus that seemed to be planted on a hill. He wanted to have a closer look, so with a strike from his sword of wisdom, he cut a gorge, and the water from this lake drained out to form what is known today as Kathmandu.

Following are the little information about the sites:

1. Kathmandu Durbar's Square:
Kathmandu durbar square is believed to be built by lichhavi kings in around 3rd century. Situated in front of royal palace, this square is among the three squares of the valley. This durbar square is famous for the architect and the skills carved by the newar artist and craftsmen. The square is surrounded by quadrangles, revealing courtyards and temples. It is also known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square named after Hanuman- devotee of king rams.

2. Swyambhunath Stupa:
Swyambunath stupa is a famous Buddhist holy site situated on the western side of Kathmandu valley on the top of the hill. It is believed that it was founded by the king Va?sadeva in the beginning of 5th century. Mostly famous among native Newari Buddhist, this stupa is also known as monkey temple as you can see many monkeys in the premises of this stupa.

3. Bouddhanath Stupa:
Bouddhanath stupa is situated on the northern east side of Kathmandu valley. This stupa is believed to be found by the Lichhavi king- Shivadeva. This stupa is mainly famous for Tibetan Buddhist. This stupa is considered as the route to enter Kathmandu from Tibet in ancient period.

4. Pashupatinath temple:
Pashupatinath temple is one of the biggest Hindus temples in Nepal. It is situated on the bank of Bagmati River on northern east of the valley. This temple was built by the Kirat king- Yalambar in 15th century and is believed to be the oldest Hindu temple of the country. People from India too come to this temple to worship Pashupatinath. On the day of famous festival -Mahashivartari about 7,00,000 devotees visit Pashupatinath temple.


#Visit world heritage sites of Kathmandu valley.
#Visit cultural heritage sites of Nepal.


Duration: One day from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Departure time: At 8.30 am pick up you from your hotel.
First site: Kathmandu Durbar square, 10 minutes drive or 20 minutes walking distance from Nayabazar.
Second site: Swayambhunath Stupa, 15 minutes drive from Kathmandu Durbar Square.
Third site: Pashupatinath temple, 30 minutes drive from Swayambhunath stupa
Final site: Boudhanath Stupa, 5 minutes drive from Pashupatinath temple
Return point: Thamel nearby your hotel.


# Escorted by Professional and experienced city tour guide.
# World Heritage sites entry fees
# Tourist vehicle during the tour.
# Farewell dinner program in Nepali restaurant.

# Kathmandu city hotel accommodation
# Lunch during the day tour.
# Tips to the tour guide

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